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Transport Network
Marine Transport
Currently, Taiwan only has routine ferry operations between Keelung and Okinawa. Seas travels between Taiwan and its islets have been so far convenient; please see below schedule for routes information. Most routes are not operated in daily basis due to weather concerns and passengers capacity limitation. Please reconfirm schedule by phone before finalizing your travel schedule if ferry is ypur primary choice of transportation.
The island-wide railway network including western line, eastern line, north line and south line, provides a lot of convenience to the passengers, and there ase several classes for choice---economic class, Fu-shing class, Jue-kuan class and Tsi-chiang class. Tourists can have their own choice according to their traveling time, consuming ability and the purpose of taking this vehicle; Besides this, there are some small trains at slower speed for some routes, such as lines of A-li, Gigi, Ping-shi, and Nei-wan. Tourists who visit Taiwan for the first time, by taking these routes, are expected to enjoy a very interesting and impressive experiencem, since they have the chance to see all the beautiful scenerries during the whole journey.
Intercity Buses

Taiwan's long distant highway transporttation services are provided by private transportation companies: Guo-Guang Bus Crop, Union Bus, Dragon Bus, Free Go Bus Corp, and Aloha Bus. They are carrying Passengers and shuttling on significant provincial highways annd the freeways.

Owing to a more intensive service schedule, some bus companies provide even 24 hours service, plus the more competitive ticket fares than airplane and train, the private transportation companies have become one of the most popular transportation service providers. However, kfor the safety reason, passengers are warned not to take any illegal highway bus (lical people call it "Yeh Jee" Bus) provided by those transportation companies without license.

During continual holidays period, passengers are suggested to take train or flights in order to prevent serious tranffic jam on the freeways. But reserving tickets as early as possible is necessary.

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