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Springs Tips
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Small exhortation (caution)

Important notice: Body Condition

  • Bathing has the function to rule out the fluids in the body, so need to pay special attentions for the dry skin and sensitive skin, add moisture to the skin. The ones with dry skin phenomena will be appeared in winter are likewise.
  • Skin wounds, or minority is allergic to hot springs should not go to Spa.
  • Pregnant women or physically weak due to exceptional physique, it is best to avoid hot spring baths.
  • Patients with Hypertension, heart disease and diabetes, are also subject to physician instructions and then just can be assured to enjoy the Spa baths fun.
  • Just eating full, empty stomach, and drunk, are not suitable for bathing; intense exercise, long journey, excessive fatigue also are not suitable for bathing right now, should first take rest for some time, until the physical recovery, and then enjoy the bathing fun .

Important notice: Preparation before bathing

  • Before entering the shower need to wash body cleanly, especially go to the public pool is even more like so.
  • Acid sulfur springs is not suitable for the soap containing soap alkali using.
  • Bath towels and other bath products should not be soaked in hot springs for too long time, so that the fiber will not be affected.
  • Do not forget to warm up before bathing, first with towels, wet slap body, soaking the body adapted to water temperature before bathing.

Important notice: Principle of bathing

  • The Spa duration depends on the water temperature.
  • The first bathing time is best in 3-10 minutes, after adapted to the hot springs, and then slowly extend the bathing time.
  • It is best the bathing not to exceed 15 minutes each time.
  • If bathing discomfort, please immediately exit the pool and notify the service staff.

Important notice: Bath environment

  • Keep the ventilated, clean bath environment.
  • Avoid running and jumping play in the bath.
  • Wash hair well with shampoo, and use some conditioner with nourishing function. After bathing, apply moisturizing cream.
  • After the Spa, please remember to replenish water and rest for half an hour
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