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Sun Moon Lake Tourism Route
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Sun Moon Lake is the jewel of Taiwan which has attracted many enthusiastic domestic and foreign tourists to see its beauty. There is no place like the Lake where you can explore t
Sun Moon Lake
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Tao-Mi Eco-Village
Here you can watch butterflies and dragon Tao-Mi Eco-Village Here you can watch butterflies and dragonflies during the day and search for frogs and fireflies at night. Living here, surprises come night and day. The paper-made church is a must visit tourist attraction. Dayanseshui Community, Sun Moon Lake Black Tea Sun Moon Lake community is teeming with tea plantations. Its Hong Yu Tea (Red Jade Tea) is mellow and Assam tea is aromatic. The black tea is a must buy in Sun Moon Lake. There is Seshui pottery clay for you to DIY and there is a Bamboo charcoal cup in Zhutanyi village that works like magic. Jinlong Mountain Sunrise Jinlong Mountain watches over Yuchi Township. When the sun rises, clouds are rolling; reddish orange sunlight is glowing and dashing. With cloud waves underneath enveloping the valley, it is as if in a wonderland. Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village Here you can watch aboriginal cultural performances and exhibitions in addition to exciting entertainment facilities. A cherry blossom wedding here in spring is romantic and sensational. You can also take a cable car to overlook Sun Moon Lake and be dazzled by the beautiful scenery of lake and mountain. ‧Park Hours: 9:00-17:00 ‧Telephone: 049-2895361 ‧Cable Car: 10:30-16:00; 049-2850666#9 Sun Moon Lake It is on the list of 10 most breathtaking cycling routes in the world. Whether you are here to take wedding pictures along the lake, or to sail on the lake or to saunter on the footpaths, you can pick the way you enjoy the most to see Sun Moon Lake. Daylily Blooming Oasis In Toushe You can step on the only peaty soil basin in Taiwan and float along with it. It is as if you are dancing mambo. The high altitude sponge cucumbers are fresh and sweet and the daylily fields are even more enchanting. The Secret Garden – Checheng It is at the final station of Jiji railroad. Checheng Wood Museum, the log pool (timber storage pond) and children's amusement playground are all kept in historic old style. You can take a Wooden Lunchbox home!
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