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Xitou / Sunliksea Tourism Route
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Zhushan and Lugu are called the homes of both Taiwan tea and bamboo where the beautiful scenery of vast bamboo forests and ubiquitous tea farms can be seen. Time-honored tea
Xitou and Shanlinxi
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Borrow The Land God’s Cash  for Luck and Fortune Borrow The Land God’s Cash for Luck and Fortune from Zinan Temple in Sheliao You can borrow lucky cash from the the Land God. Be sure to go through the tunnel that is under the Golden Chicken to protect you from squandering all your money. A banquet to celebrate the coming of baby boy takes place on January 16 of the Lunar year. There is a five star golden bamboo shoot shaped washroom and nearby there are eateries offering delicious Broiler Chicken in Urn for you to savor. ‧Telephone: 049-2623722 Zhushan Chelungpu Fault Preservation Park The Park is situated next to Zhushan Interchange on National Highway No. 3. The semi-circular spherical building of Fault Groove Preservation Museum and Geological Science Museum preserve ruins from the earthquake fault site and display abundant diverse geological scientific education materials. Jhushan Cultural Park The Jhushan Cultural Park occupies an area of about 6.8 hectares and has five scenic areas: the Bamboo Museum, the Local Culture Museum, the Local Industry Museum, the Central Square and the Bamboo Garden. These scenic areas provide an in-depth introduction to the Zhushan bamboo cultural industry. ‧Park Hours: Tuesday to Sunday 9:00-17:00 ‧Telephone: 049-2660192 Qilin Pond The home of Oolong tea is situated at the foot of Dongding Mountain. Oolong tea trees are planted all around along the pond. Whether you are fishing or strolling, you must try a cup of the most authentic Dongding Oolong tea. Fonghuanggu Bird and Ecology Park Here you can admire more than 200 breeds of rare, exquisite birds and interact with parrots at close range. The cherry blossom trail in Phoenix Tea Plantation oversees the hills of Lugu. ‧Telephone: 049-2753100 Xitou Nature Education Park In Monster Village in Songlinding, there are tall, straight fir trees and sweet fresh air. Kumar (elf) may show up unexpectedly at any moment. The village shopping streets are teeming with Japanese style shops. Many agricultural products, snacks and unique gifts can be purchased here. ‧Park Hours: 7:00-17:00 ‧Telephone: 049-2612111 Sun Link Sea Forest Ecology Resort Park In Sun Link Sea Forest Ecology Resort Park flowers such as peonies and tulips bloom in turn through the four seasons. Here one can experience the natural pot-holes in Shijingji terrain or the grand and magnificent Qinglong Waterfall. It is suitable for hiking or to spend holidays to get away from the heat. ‧Telephone: 049-2611217 The Ladder Suspension Bridge The bridge was built with consideration of the steep terrain. There is about a 20 meter difference in height between the ends. On the bridge all one can see is rocks and cliffs. Walking in the bamboo forest, one may spot a national treasure - blue pheasant when looking closely. ‧Park Hours: 7:30-17:00 ‧Telephone: 049-2232380 Ruilong Waterfall After crossing the Ruilong Suspension Bridge, 215 meters long, one can admire closely the bountiful waterfall rushing down from a 30 meter height.
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