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Chingjing Farm / Wushe Tourlsm Route
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A European style high mountain meadow in Cingjing is dotted with various garden or castle style B&Bs. Each of the more than 3,000
Cingjing and Hehuan
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At the entrance of Wushe Street there is a Monardao Memorial Park At the entrance of Wushe Street there is a statue of Monardao, the leader of the Seediq Tribe, to commemorate his Anti-Japanese acts. The stand-alone statue preserves his defiant, fearless verve. The cherry blossoms and pine trees in the park provide shade. Chunyang Tribe Chunyang Tribe is situated in the former Hogosha. Its cherry blossoms are as famous as Wushe's. The place is also called Cherry Hot Spring. The Tribe's weaving studio produces some of the finest crafts. Cingjing Veterans Farm The Farm is about 2,000 meters high above sea level and is enveloped in mist throughout the year. It is quiet and beautiful and is known as "Misty Paradise". It is mixed with unique exotic cultures where you can find European garden style B&Bs, authentic Baiyi cuisine, Seediq and Atayal cultures. ‧Evergreen Grassland Park Hours: 8:00-17:00 ‧Telephone: 049-2802748 Meifeng Farm With four distinct seasons - flowers in spring and snow in winter, there are peaches, apples, temperate flowers and horticulture. The Farm provides a natural ecology experience tour. Visiting tours and accommodations are offered by appointment. ‧Reservations are required for visiting tours and accommodations 049-2803148 Hiking at the Peaks of Hehuan Mountain After enjoying the satisfaction of climbing to the top of 5 of Taiwan’s top 100 peaks, namely main peak, north peak, east peak, west peak and Shimen Mountain, you can delight in the unforgettable experience of stars, sunrise, cloud ocean and snow watching. The peaks are also suitable for easy hiking.
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