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Guosing Township
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Zhongtai Temple
The magnificent architecture of the Temple is a holy land for the religion, academics, ...
Guosing Township
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 Alofting Bridges - Guoxing Interchange... Alofting Bridges - Guoxing Interchange The Interchange is built with special circular design on bridges that are 70 meters above the earth. It is on the top list of The Eight Views of Taiwan Highway and has a reputation of “Cloud Highway". Strawberry Picking in Guoxing Every year between January and March around the areas of Provincial Highway No. 14, Fugui and Beishan, Fengxiang Strawberries are in season. Big, red and ripe strawberries welcome tourists to pick them out on the sites. 921 Earthquake National Memorial Site in Jiufen’ershan This is the detonation point of 921 Earthquake which shook entire Taiwan. Nature's incomparable geological wonders such as an obscure tilted house, a sudden occurrence of landslides and landslide-dammed lake can be experienced in the Site. Puli Hot Spring - Liyu (Carp) Pond Liyu (Carp) Pond is also known as "Small West Lake". On the banks of the Pond one can see the reflections of weeping willows and mountains. On the lakeside there are hot springs hotels that offer hot springs for you to enjoy. Nuomi Bridge (Sticky Rice Bridge) The bridge is made from sticky rice, brown sugar, lime and other traditional materials that adhere together. The rustic style of the four-hole arched stone bridge has gone through many typhoon strikes and is still standing. Beigangxi Hot Spring It is on the scenic route of Huisun Timberland. There is a crystal clear drinkable carbon dioxide spring. Its surrounding resorts in Taiya and Shaba all provide hot springs and holiday stays. Atayal Resort The fixtures and architecture of this international comprehensive hot spring resort integrates with Atayal Tribe cultural characteristics. Its extensive park combines wild forest amusement with hot springs facilities. ‧Hot Spring Hours: Monday to Friday 15:00-22:00 ‧Telephone: 049-2461311 Huisun Timberland Most of the area is kept in its original forest shape. There are magnificent canyons, rapid streams and waterfalls. It is suitable for hiking, bird watching or forest strolling. You can even taste the ancestor of Taiwan local Coffee - Huisun Coffee. ‧Telephone: 049-2942001-3
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