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The Baguashan Scenic Area
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Bagua Mountains begin from Changhua's Splendid Great Buddha and extend to south of Zhuoshuixi in Mingjian Township. They are separated by the Wuxi and then connected by Jiujiu Peak. Between the mountains, rich Taiwan historical and cultural inheritances can be found. With great numbers of historical interests, simple and honest people with deep humanity, the area is unique with nostalgic local customs.
The Baguashan Scenic Area
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Nearby attractions
Alofting Bridges - Guoxing Interchange
The Interchange is built with special circular design on bridges that are 70 meters above the earth. It is on the top list of The Eight Views of Taiwan Highway and has a reputation of “Cloud Highway
.... Jiujiu Peak Jiujiu Peak is located at the border of Caotun and Guoxing townships where animals are lively and plants grow vigorously. It possesses rich ecological resources. The place features a ring shaped forest trail about 2.5 km long. The trail has good visibility and is suitable for hiking. ‧Business Hours: Tuesday to Sunday 9:00-17:00 ‧Telephone: 049-2571939 National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute It collects the essence of local handicraft arts. With provided guided tours and DIY activities - leisure and intellectual, it is great for parenting. ‧Business Hours: Tuesday to Sunday 9:00-17:00 ‧Telephone: 049-2367805 Taiwan Times Village A large cultural shopping village that is based on the theme of recollecting Taiwan's good old days. The scene in the village epitomizes Taiwan's old time living style and atmosphere. ‧Business Hours: 10:00-21:00 ‧Telephone: 049-2305000 Chung Hsing New Village The Village imitates English urban garden planning. Colorful green lawns and flowers such as Lotuses and Golden Shower Trees are planted everywhere. It is suitable for roaming around the village on a bicycle. Lantian Academy The Academy possesses abundant collections of antiquities and is classified as a County Level Ancient Monument. It regularly opens its side rooms for students to study while annually hosting poetry, literature and calligraphy competitions, Lantian Blessing Ceremony Cultural Festival and other activities. ‧Business Hours: 6:00-21:00 ‧Telephone: 049-2221184 Yijing University (Mt. Chan-chi, Hsien-fo Temple) - Jiulongbi (Nine Dragons Wall) Inside Yijing University, there is a Nine Dragons Wall that is 52.5 meters long, 10 meters high. It is said to be the largest Nine Dragons Wall in the world. Magnificent dragon calligraphy sculpts with heroic momentum are on the wall. It is most fascinating. Songboling Shoutian Temple Bagua Mountain tableland is located on Songboling. It is Taiwan's heavyweight town for Taoism. The town is surrounded by boundless tea garden landscapes and is famous for its Songbo Evergreen Tea. Dragon Phoenix Waterfall The fall is a joint Dragon and Phoenix Waterfall that has more than a 40 meter perpendicular drop. It is well-equipped with surrounding walking trails. One can even stop by at Giant Autumn Maple Trees to breathe some fresh air.
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