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Privacy Policy
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1. Acquisition of information

The Nantou county government website to the user individual acquisition of information, sincerely observes Republic of China "the computer to process individual material protection method" the standard, without the permission and the user agreement, cannot by the computer collection user individual material.


The Nantou county government website server automatic recording user reads the homepage, the user come from the position site, takes the content and the system improvement, basis of the policy guidance effect appraisal. This part of information, only use for to make the data statistical analysis, does not involve
the user individual identity material.


2. Cookie

When the user glances over the blue islet community overall builds the plan special case administrative center, the home station can lay aside cookie (a small indication writing file) in the computer which the user uses, this cookie certainly does not containsufficiently recognizes the user individual identity the material, but is records the user material and so on individual service which establishes in this homepage. The Nantou county government website server only can read takes in reader cookie in the website active record, is unable to read takes the reader in other websites active records.


This right of privacy safeguard statement starts from today to become effective, but in accordance to the social environment and law stipulation vicissitude and the advance in technology, the Nantou county government website for protects the user privacy, is authorized to revises this statement, and as fast as possible renews and the announcement.

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