Tastes of Nantou

Qitou Forest Recreation Area
image With an altitude of 1,150m, the Qitou Forest Recreation Area is situated in the Phoenix Mountains; it is one of NTU’s experimental forests. In the recreation area there are large amounts of old forests, the climate is cool and mild, with scenic spots such as the sacred tree, forest, Daxue Pond, gingko forest etc. This is the perfect place for escaping from the heat of summer, going on vacations and camping trips. 
In the forest there are diverse varieties of trees and bamboos to appreciate, for instance: Taiwan Spruce, Red Pagoda, Cryptomeria, Taiwan Cherry, Cyathea taiwaniana, Machilus zuihoensis, Moso Bamboo, Taiwan Fir, Angel’s Trumpets etc.
Road leads to lead
  • Taichung→Sitou joint venture bus:Gancheng Station, Double Ten Road, Taichung City TEL:0800-800126
  • Caotun→Sitou joint venture bus:Changhwa Bus Station, Caotun Township TEL:049-2332502
  • Nantou→Sitou joint venture bus:Changhwa Bus Station, Fushin Road, Nantou City TEL:049-2222061
  • Jhushan→Sitou Yuanlin Bus:No. 21 Cai Yuan Road, Jhushan Township TEL:049-2642005
  • Douliou→Jhushan Taisi Bus:Taisi Bus Station, Wuchang Street, Douliou City TEL:05-5322016
Tour information
Forest Ecological Exhibition Center
The Landmark of Sitou- University Pond
Prof. Wang Memorial Pavilion
Giant Tree
Ginkgo The Grandfather Tree 
Bamboo Cottage
Bamboo House
Exercise Lawn
Giant Rock
Hotel information
Qitou Youth Hostel Activity Center 

(dorm(per bed)): NT500 

Situated in the Qitou Forest Recreation Area at the foothill of Phoenix Mountain, the center located next to the University Pool is famous for its cottage in the forest. We have 10 cottages and two meeting rooms for 450, 60 persons respectively, capable of accommodating 450 persons all together. It has always been the most favorable training ground for businesses, schools, and various groups, and a suitable recreation place for families. 
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