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Guavas & Litchis & The Endemic Species Research Institute
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This narrow-gauge railway-the Jiji Branch Line-has been running for more than 70 years, and today provides a successful example of a tourist railroad. The line stretches for almost 30 kilometers, from Ershuei Train Station in Changhua County through Mingjian, Jiji, and Shueili to Chengcheng in Nantou County. One way, the trip takes about 43 minutes. In addition to the sites along the railway-the Zhuoshui Train Station, Green Tunnel, Jiji Train Station, and Checheng Train Station-this route also includes such attractions as the Jiji Dam, Minsin Academy, Wuchang Temple, Endemic Species Research Institute, Stone Guanyin Suspension Bridge, Mingtan Reservoir, and Shueili Snake Kiln. The area through which the train runs is filled with a warm and rustic small-town atmosphere, inviting you for a leisurely and carefree trip.

If you see an electric tower leaning crazily as you pass through Mingjian, don't be surprised; it has been left as a witness to the earthquake that devastated this area on Sept. 21, 1999. The Chelongpu fault passes by Mingjian, and when the earthquake struck it left the Taiwan Power Company's high-tension tower halfway toppled. The land in the area rose and the terrain changed, forming one of the most prominent of postearthquake sights. The Nantou County Government has decided to leave it as it is, as a memorial.

Between Mingjian and Jiji there is a very beautiful green tunnel, where the highway is lined on both sides by old camphor trees whose leaved branches entwine over the road. The railroad runs beside the highway here, and the train chugging past slowly gives the scene an especially poetic aura.

The railway station at Jiji is a must-see for visitors to the area. The station building has a plain and classic architecture, and is made completely of cypress; with more than 60 years of history, it is one of the oldest railway stations on the island. It was heavily damaged in the earthquake, but the railway bureau rebuilt it in its original form so that it retains its original flavor. It has become a favorite site for sightseers and photographers. On the right side of the station is a railway museum-another place that aficionados of old railways must not miss.

In addition to riding in the little train, visitors to the tourist railroad can also enjoy the local sights on a leisurely bicycle ride. Bikes are for rent near the Jiji Train Station. But walking will enable you to soak in the atmosphere of the little town in an even more leisurely fashion; and, if your physical condition is up to it, you can also have a fulfilling stroll through Mingjian and Shueili.
The tourist sites in Jiji are not very far from each other. You can savor a nostalgic visit to the ancient Minsin Academy, and you can go to the Endemic Species Research Institute to learn about Taiwan's natural ecology. Then you can proceed to Wuchang Temple and see with your own eyes how the earthquake caused this old edifice to collapse. Finally, you might want to pay a visit to the local patriarch, a large camphor tree more than 700 years old.

You can also sit in a coffee shop and savor your brew as you listen to the cacophony of the summer cicadas as you relax. If you are a gourmet, you can find, in the streets and lanes of the town, not only the local bananas, litchis, guavas, and other fruits, but also delicious native snacks waiting for you to discover them. Jiji Green Tunnel Jiji Train Station Wuchang Temple Minsin Academy Guavas Litchis The Endemic Species Research Institute Jiji

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