Sitou / Sunliksea Tourism Route

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Qiling Lake & Phoenix Valley Birds Park & Tzinan Temple in Sheliao
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Snow in the tea fields (courtesy Lugu Township Farmers' Association)

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After passing along a famous curving road with the name “Animals of the Zodiac” and through the majestic Anding Tunnel, you come to the Sunlinksea Forest Recreation Area, 1,600 meters above sea level. The area offers enchanting scenes of virgin nature, mists wafting through the natural fir forest, soaring waterfalls, and rushing streams. Flowers burst out in blossoms of different colors according to the season: peonies, tulips, rhododendrons, hydrangeas, canary-creepers, poinsettias. Brightly colored maple leaves are also an attraction in the fall.

If you want to taste life of a different flavor, then find yourself a room and stay awhile. Here you will find no crowded city streets, no cacophony of urban noises. What you will find is the true face of mountainous countryside, expansive spaces for leisure activities, and a kind and rustic populace. You will have a full range of accommodation choices, from luxury hotels and exquisite individual cabins to home stays-and even country camping. Experience the allure of a night in the countryside and you will learn something about the joys of country living. Brew a pot of tea and have a chat with the host of a home stay, or sit in a valley and enjoy the cooling breezes as you listen to the songs of insects, birds, and frogs. Go looking for fireflies, or enjoy an incomparable feeling of peace under the star-filled sky.

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