Sitou / Sunliksea Tourism Route

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Peonies at Sunlinksea & Sunlinksea
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Tea fields offer another kind of scenery, the neat rows rising and falling with the slope of the mountains like waves of green sea water, majestic and elegant at the same time. This is true tea country, with tea farms everywhere; the most representative sights of tea cultivation are found at the National Taiwan University Tea Farm and the areas of Mt. Dalun, Mt. Dongding, the Yangwan district of Sunlinksea, and the Ruanan tea district. If you come during harvest season you will have a chance to observe scenes of tea harvesting and processing; the whole countryside, at this time, is filled with the rich aroma of tea. The tea grown here has a fresh and sweet flavor that makes it a favorite of aficionados. Before you leave, pay a visit to the Lugu Tea Culture Center and take back with you a store of knowledge about tea ecology and culture.

Your eco-tour is not quite ended, for you have yet to visit the National Taiwan University Tropical Botanical Garden. Here you will find a great variety of species in a tranquil setting, with the trees neatly ordered and carefully labeled to offer education along with leisure recreation. Qiling Lake is a delicately charming scene with abundant plant and animal resources. The Phoenix Valley Birds Park is the largest of its type in Taiwan. The Neihu Primary School in Lugu, which was rebuilt after the Sept. 21 earthquake, now uses earthquake-resistant log cabins as classrooms that blend in with the forest environment and give students an excellent chance to observe the precious natural ecology. Thus unusual-and unusually beautiful-campus is another site well worth a visit. It will not take much time to travel between these sites, providing for a carefree and rich itinerary.

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