Sitou / Sunliksea Tourism Route

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A gingko forest
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For sights of bamboo beauties, you cannot beat Siaobantien Community in Lugu and the Da-an area of Jhushan. Siaobantien Community alone contains half of all the Mengtsung bamboo in Taiwan, and Da-an boasts a Mengtsung bamboo “green tunnel” that is 2.2 kilometers long. The large expanses of bamboo here exert a magnetic allure that is almost impossible to resist. When the mists roll in over the mountains and shroud these tranquil bamboo groves, as you walk in them you feel yourself in a fairyland. If you want to add a bit of educational value to your trip, you will find a stop at the Green Bamboo Art and Culture Park and the Rueijhu Bamboo Specimen Park well worth the time.

Local residents have found an almost infinite variety of ways to make use of bamboo. Walk around this home of bamboo and you will easily discover a vast array of woven bamboo products, from practical things such as hats, fruit baskets, and furniture to artworks-all of which you will want to take home with you! On the streets, bamboo shoots and bamboo-tube rice call insistently to visitors to buy. Fresh bamboo shoots are available here all year round; try the food prepared with bamboo shoots by the local cooks, and you will never forget the taste. Bamboo-tube rice is a local specialty snack that is known all over Taiwan; and, in the tourist areas, you can even try your hand at cooking it yourself. In addition to the fresh bamboo shoots for sale everywhere, you will also find processed bamboo products to satisfy the most discerning gourmet. Jhushan is the biggest producer of dried bamboo shoots in Taiwan, and the local dishes using these dried shoots are also the most authentic anywhere. Another unique product of Jhushan is sweetpotato dumplings made with bamboo shoots. Try some. You'll like them.

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