Sitou / Sunliksea Tourism Route

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Both Xitou and Sunlinksea are popular tourist sites of long standing, attracting great numbers of tourists over the past decades with their pleasant climate, beautiful forest scenery, and convenient access. The two townships in which they are located, Lugu and Jhushan, are known as the home of tea and bamboo, and the tea fields and bamboo groves that fill much of their countryside create scenes of exquisite green beauty. The cultures of tea and bamboo that have grown up here interweave into a rich tapestry of cultural romance. Among the irresistible attractions in this area are Qiling Lake, the Lugu Tea Culture Center, the National Taiwan University Tea Farm, Phoenix Valley Birds Park, Siaobantien Community, Tzinan Temple, National Taiwan University Tropical Botanical Garden, and Daanmengtsung Bamboo Tunnel.

Xitou is a forest recreation area, with ancient trees reaching for the sky, a cool climate, and a fine array of other attractions including a sacred tree, dense forests, University Pond, gingko grove, and stands of bamboo. It is a popular destination for escaping the heat of summer, and it is the perfect place for hiking, having a healthy green shower, camping, and ecological observation. And now another, brand-new experience is also waiting at Xitou: Taiwan's only aerial ecological corridor. This raised walkway stretches for 180 meters and reaches a height of 22.6 meters-as high as a seven-story building-and lets you view the forest and touch its trees from their very tips.

When most people think about Xitou, however, the first thought that usually comes to their mind is bamboo. These graceful, soaring plants leave visitors with an uplifting and otherworldly feeling; rays of sunlight sift through their oniongreen leaves to speckle the floor of the forest with dots of white brilliance, forming visions of peaceful harmony. If you want more of the poetic romance of bamboo, then get yourself to Jhushan or Lugu, where extraordinarily beautiful seas of bamboo will greet you at every turn.

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