Yushau / Dongpu Hot Spring Tourism  Route

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The Formosan rock monkey (Courtesy Yushan National Park Headquarters) & Gentiana scabrida (courtesy Yushan National Park Headquarters) & Formosan Black Bear (courtesy Yushan National Park Headquarters)
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Husband and Wife Trees & Giant Chinese hemlocks (courtesy Yushan National Park Headquarters)

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Next you can view majestic mountains and ridges, precipices and waterfalls, that are hard to find elsewhere and that will make you sigh at the wondrous works of the Creator. Because of the high mountains and precipitous terrain here, it is mandatory to watch the weather and the road conditions. Also, entry into some of the mountain areas requires a pass, so be prepared beforehand.

The best time for walking in the mountains is the early morning. From Dongpu you can enter the famous Batungguan Historic Trail, which in earlier times was one of only three passages through the Central Mountain Range. From Dongpu the trail runs through the Batungguan grasslands and past Mt. Siouguluan, and ends up in Yuli town in Hualien County. The trail stretches for more than 100 kilometers, and it is now listed as a first-grade historic site. For most of its distance the trail passes through mountain valleys, giving access to marvelous sights of grassy plains, steep precipices, lush forests, sacred trees, waterfalls, and other wonders of nature, with beautiful scenes and freshness of air that will give you a tremendous spiritual uplift.

Near the beginning of the trail you will come to the Rainbow Waterfall, Yunlong Waterfall, Yinyu Waterfall, and Father-Son Precipice, each of which presents a distinctive character. At noon the rays of the sun strike the top of the Rainbow Waterfall, perhaps creating a many-colored rainbow that is breathtaking in its beauty. The Yunlong Waterfall hangs on the face of a precipice like a cascading white necklace; and the Yinyu Waterfall appears and disappears in the lush green forest, lovely as a bashful maiden. The Father-Son Precipice is a large cliff of weathered shale; in the past, the constantly falling rocks made it so dangerous that even a father passing by would have no time to take care of his son: hence its evocative name.

If you continue your tour of discovery southward along the Central Cross-Island Highway, on this high-altitude road you can normally catch views of the peaks of Yushan (Mt. Jade), the highest in Taiwan, and of the Alishan range. Here you can also enjoy sights of the sea of clouds, tourist tea farms, Husband and Wife Trees, the Tataka Visitors Center, and the Mt. Lulin Nature Park. Along the way you can observe the endlessly changing forest scene; if the time is autumn, you can savor the sight of leaves changing to yellow and red, embellishing the mountains with a multitude of colors. The mists swirling among the mountains, especially, will give you the expansive feeling that you have seen a vision of another world.

Tataka, located on the Cross-Island Highway in the northwestern part of Yushan National Park, is where mountain climbers generally begin their trek to the peak of Yushan itself. Here, the Visitors Center has a complete range of materials introducing the park, and the restaurant on the second floor offers simple meals. These facilities, and the surrounding trails and landscapes, make this a rewarding stop.

Within the confines of the national park, a multitude of peaks vie with each other for attention and 30 of them soar above 3,000 meters. In addition to the main peak of Yushan, at 3,952 meters the tallest mountain in Northeast Asia, these include the north peak of Yushan, Mt. Siouguluan, Mt. Guan, and Mt. Sinkang, each with its own allure and challenges and all favorites with mountain climbers. Countless people in Taiwan dream of ascending Yushan and watching the sunrise from its peak.

In winter the peaks are blanketed with snow. They are covered with virgin forest, and the park is home to plant life belonging to several climatic zones as well as to large numbers of birds and animals. A weather station on the north peak of Yushan sits at a higher elevation than any other structure in this part of the world. Stand on one of these peaks and cast your eyes over the mountains receding into the distance across vast forested valleys, and you will gain a brand-new vision and a feeling you have never felt before.

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