Yushau / Dongpu Hot Spring Tourism  Route

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Jyufong-Variety grapes & Plums (courtesy Sinyi Township Farmers' Association) & Aiyu gelatin (courtesy Dongpu Hot-spring Scenic Area Travel Promotion Association)
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Follow the New Central Cross-Island Highway from its starting point at Dingkan Village in Shueili Township into Sinyi Township, and continue up this road that is known for its natural landscapes. The most famous tourist site on the route is the Yushan National Park; but there are many others, including the Shang-an Tourist Orchards, Fongciou Tourist Grape Farm, Sinyi Wine House, Fonggueidou, Dongpu Hot Springs, Father-Son Precipice, Rainbow Waterfall, and the Batungguan Historic Trail.

Sinyi has the largest area of any mountain township in Taiwan. Its terrain is characterized by high and precipitous mountains threaded by winding streams, making it a major tourist attraction along the New Central Cross-Island Highway. It's also the entrance to the Yushan National Park. The land here ranges from 400 meters above sea level to more than 3,000 meters, creating an ideal place for observing soaring mountains, rushing streams, a multitude of plants and animals, and rich agricultural produce. This area also offers glimpses into the culture of the Bunun and Tsou aborigine tribes, making it a tourist destination of many facets.

“Plum Country” is the enticing name given to the area around Shueili and Sinyi, and plums are indeed among the main products of the area. The plum trees burst into lovely blossom in the winter, and around the Ching Ming Grave Sweeping Festival, in early April, is the time to harvest and enjoy the succulent fruits. When the limbs are filled with blossoms, the air with their delicate aroma, people from all over flock here to enjoy the scene. Among the best places for this are Tianshanling, Fonggueidou, and Niaosonglun, where the slopes are covered with a thick snow-like coating of white.

If you miss the flower season, don't worry; there is still a delightful feast that you can enjoy all year round. Here you can find special plum products and plum cuisines on offer everywhere-crispy plums, plum juice, powdered plum, plum vinegar, complete plum banquets. All are developed and produced with great care by the local people.

Liquor made from fermented plums has long been a popular drink; the local wine establishments offer plum beverages in great variety, and with packaging and names that turn tradition on its head: Plum Dance, Forget to Go Home, Lost Wild Boar.

These are beverages that satisfy the senses of sight, taste, and smell, all at the same time. The best known of the establishments are the Sinyi Wine House and Yiching Wine House. These houses also produce grape wine, since grapes are produced in great abundance here. The Shangan Tourist Orchard and Fongciou Tourist Grape Farm are open to tourists, who can observe the grape-laden vines and buy the fruit. The Jhufong-variety grapes grown here are top quality, for Taiwan.

One of the greatest indulgences in the middle of a trip is to have a good soak in a hot-spring bath. Dongpu is an ideal place for this, with hotels of all kinds and classes, and all sorts of hot-spring facilities that cater to every desire. So take your pick, and sink into the clear, weakly alkaline water. You can drink it, too, if you like. After your soak, you can have a meal cooked in the hot-spring mineral water; the dishes may contain the special flavors of the local Bunun tribe, some fat fish from the Shalisian River, and some pure, natural aiyu gelatin for dessert. Follow it all up with another local product, a cup of Yushan alpine tea. This can be a beautiful, completely relaxing experience that leaves all of your worldly pressures far out of mind.

People of the local Bunun tribe will treat you with friendliness as warm as the spring water. So besides enjoying their hospitality and their cuisine, open up your heart and delve a bit into the romance of Bunun culture. Study their brilliant black traditional clothing and listen to the heavenly tones of their singing, and take home even more beautiful memories from your trip into aborigine country.

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