Mt.Bakua / MaoloRiver Tourism Route

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Nantou County Historical and Culture Park
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Bishanyen Temple & Lantien Academy
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An abundance of character and culture-this is the Mt. Bakua / Maolo River Tour Route. Nantou City is the most populous urban area in Nantou County, and it also developed at a relatively early date. Its status as the site of the former provincial capital and the county seat give Nantou an added cultural and historic aura, and the neighboring Mingjian Township is home to the important Taoist center, Shoutien Temple. Jhongliao Township, for its part, provides a representative example of reconstruction following the disastrous earthquake of Sept. 21, 1999. Prominent tourist spots along this route include Bishanyen Temple, Jhongsing New Village (site of the Taiwan Provincial Government), the Nantou Winery, the Nantou County Historical and Culture Park, Lantien Academy, Songbo Peak, Longfong Waterfall, Qipan (chessboard) Rock, Heshing Organic Culture Village, Cukeng Cliff, and the Calocedrus Formosana Forest (Chinese Incense-cedar Giant Tree Forest). These spots are not very far from each other, and are perfect for inclusion in a one-day itinerary.
The Nantou County Historical and Culture Park encompasses the County History Museum, County History Library, Nantou Ceramics Exhibition Hall, and Artists Information Hall, among other attractions. The main architectural feature of the park is the reconstructed Wude Temple. Together with the Bamboo Art and Crafts Museum in the nearby Cultural Center, the park offers a highly satisfying educational tour.

In Jhongsing New Village you are certain to envy the local residents. This village, the first in Taiwan to be developed according to a plan blueprint, with shaded boulevards linking large parks and green areas, is very much like a large garden where you will feel yourself transported into a realm of comfort and relaxation. Here you can also visit the Taiwan Provincial Administration Information Hall, 9/21 Earthquake Reconstruction Thanksgiving Memorial Park, Jhongsing Auditorium, Hushan Garden, and Taiwan Historica. Whether your purpose is education or leisure, you won't want to miss these attractions.

If your are interested in cultural sites with a long and nostalgia-evoking history, the Ching Dynasty Lantien Academy, Bishanyen Temple, and Peitien Temple will make you pause and take a close and careful look. The Lantien Academy, also known as Wenchang Shrine and Confucius Temple, is one of the three historical academies (and the oldest one) left in Nantou County (the other two being Dengying Academy in Caotun and Minsin Academy in Jiji). This is an imposing walled double-entrance structure with two flanking wings, and with old-time stone sculptures and dragon pillars that take you back in time.

Bishanyen Temple, a Ming Dynasty-style Buddhist structure, is situated in the midst of secluded greenery, with a tranquil environment and expansive views. When the first rays of dawn show themselves in the east, they reveal the Jiujiu Peak rising indistinctly through the mists in a fabled sight known as the “colors of daybreak at Bishanyen.” For Peitien Temple, the height of the year comes on the 15th 20 day of the sixth lunar month, when solemn worship ceremonies are held in one of Nantou County's biggest religious festivals. If you have a chance to visit at this time, you will be able to gain a deep insight into local religious practices.

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