Chingjing Farm / Lushan Hot Spring Tourism Route

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writing explanation as follows Spring time on Mount Hehuan
A “Shangri-la above the mists”-Cingjing Farm (photo by Yu Chih-huang; courtesy Tourism Bureau)

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You can also take another alpine route, turning onto Provincial Highway 14A from Puli and following it past Cingjing Farm, National Taiwan University's Meifong Farm, and Wuling to Mt. Hehuan. Prepare yourself to sigh in awe at the splendid mountain scenery!

Cingjing Farm, which has been called a “Shangri-la above the mists,” is a popular tourist destination which, as its name implies, is filled with tranquil beauty and has a different character with each season of the year. Sheep graze over the Cingcing Meadow, and peach and plum burst forth in a riot of white blossoms that vie in beauty with a Swiss flower garden. Delicious Yunnan Baiyi fare will help you feel you are indeed in heaven. If you want to spend the night in the area, you have a choice of accommodation from richly rural home stays to villas of a foreign flavor. Attractive hostels have become another scenic attraction of the area, and they are all for your choice.

Meifong Farm, which concentrates on academic research and demonstration cultivation of deciduous fruit trees, alpine vegetables, and temperate flowers and other horticultural crops, is an experimental farm operated by National Taiwan University. It is an ideal place to observe and get to know temperate and alpine plants. Here you can see clearly defined seasons, with different plants blossoming at each time of the year: plums, peaches, the common cosmos, and azaleas, among others. To preserve the natural ecology, however, the farm currently allows only group visits by prior reservation.

Continue climbing up the highway from Meifong through Cueifong and Yuanfong, and soon you arrive at the highest point of the highway, Wuling. The scenery along the way is unparalleled in its beauty. Except where a bit of the horizon is blocked to the west, at Wuling you have an unrestricted view of the mountain peaks and bamboo arrow meadows that surround you.

Mt. Hehuan is the most popular place in Taiwan for seeing the snow, which in deep winter covers the peaks with vestments of silver. The snow here sometimes accumulates to a depth of one meter, making this the only natural skiing area on the island. In summer the scenery is dominated by alpine flowers, by the meadow of stunted arrow bamboo that stretches for dozens of kilometers, and by layers of undulating peaks and ridges in the distance. The landscape here undergoes endless changes as the seasons advance, but the scenery is enchanting all year round. You can also challenge the peaks, and to stand atop the 3,416-meter main peak of Mt. Hehuan will give you a feeling of exhilaration to last throughout your life.

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