Chingjing Farm / Lushan Hot Spring Tourism Route

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Lushan Hot Springs & Aowanda Forest Recreation Area
Puli's temperate climate and fertile soil produce a rich yield of crops & Roses & Puli flowers & Puli sugar cane & Moth orchids
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As you travel from Puli into the vast and thinly populated Ren-ai Township, your eyes are met with mountain scenes of astounding beauty and you seem to be transported into another world. You will soon arrive at Wushe, a place filled with tales of history. The Monaludao Monument here memorializes a revolt by the Atayal tribe against the occupying Japanese. South of Wushe, the Green Lake reservoir and the Aowanda Forest Recreation Area preserve the natural landscape;Aowanda is the best place in Taiwan for observing maple leaves, which clothe the area in an enchanting sea of red every time autumn rolls around.

If you want real relaxation, then try the renowned Lushan Hot Springs. The colorless, odorless alkaline sodium carbonate water here gives these springs the finest of quality; and besides bathing in the refreshing hot water, visitors here are fond of boiling eggs in it.

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