Nangang / Bengang Rlver Tourlsm Route

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Jiufen Ershan & Atayal Resort
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Huisun Forest Recreation Area (courtesy Hueisun Forest Recreation Area) & Glutinous Rice Bridge

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Come to Beigang River and plant your feet on Jiufen Ershan, which was literally shifted in its location by the force of the Sept. 21, 1999 earthquake, and you will realize that this is going to be a trip filled with surprises. The mountain is located in Nangang Village, Guoshing Township; this was the epicenter of the disastrous 7.3- point temblor, and a walk here will leave you humbled before the awesome power of nature. Fault lines, lakes created by blockages caused by the earthquake, denuded rocks-all give evidence as to how violently the earth shook at the time. You can enter houses left leaning precariously by the earthquake, and test your sense of balance and vision.

Beigang River, with one of the few clean catchment areas in Taiwan, is fed by water from snowmelt on Mt. Hehuan. The abundant flow is cold and clear, and the local people have taken the initiative in protecting the river and restoring the ecology, making this a perfect outdoor classroom for learning about the environment. A stone bridge has been connecting the two banks of the river for a century; it was built by early settlers who mixed brown sugar, castor-oil plants, glutinous rice, and mud to cement tough river rocks together and form the bridge. The locals call this the “Glutinous Rice Bridge.” The Ministry of the Interior has designated it a third-grade historic site, the only bridge in Taiwan to be so honored. Its elegant form and long history make this bridge a favorite subject for painters and writers. Guoshing is a rustic township inhabited by Hakka people. It has a close connection with Jheng Cheng-gong, who was honored as the Lord of the Imperial Surname, and is known throughout Taiwan for its loquats, oranges, and deer antlers.

If you are the kind of traveler who isn't very interested in rivers but prefers to walk around freely in the mountain forest, then just follow the highway toward Ren-ai Township to the Atayal Resort and Huisun Forest Recreation Area. Here, you can experience a cleansing of body and spirit.
The Atayal Resort, located beside the clear waters of the Beigang River, is a private theme park that focuses on the culture of the indigenous Atayal tribe. Its hardware facilities are rich in the characteristics of Atayal culture, the romance of which is expressed in song and dance performances as well as displays of cultural artifacts. The expansive park integrates the mountain wilderness with hot-spring facilities into a multi-function internationalclass hot-spring resort.

The Huisun Forest Recreation Area is located just a 30-minute drive away. This is an experimental forest operated by National Chung Hsing University, rich in virgin forests and an intricate network of intersecting streams and valleys with awesome gorges, white rapids, waterfalls, and other scenes of alluring beauty. Here, you can enjoy your fill of “green shower,” hiking, camping, and bird watching. And while you're at it, you might as well try a cup of the increasingly famous “
Huisun coffee.”

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