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The 10,000-person swim across Sun Moon Lake(photo by Zhao Shun-jing; courtesy Tourism Bureau)
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Wunwu Temple & Dusk at Sun Moon Lake
Dawn at Sun Moon Lake (photo courtesy the Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area Administration)

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The area of Sun Moon Lake became Taiwan's biggest producer of black tea during the period of Japanese occupation (1895-1945), and the Tea Research and Extension Station (Yuchih Branch) and Nong Lin Sun Moon Lake Tea Plant, both situated beside the lake, were born under that historical background. Their oldfashioned aura and antique tea-processing machines, as well as the tea fields that stretch over the mountain slopes here, have witnessed the rise and decline of black tea in Taiwan. The Assam tea that has been developed here in more recent years has proven popular with consumers-and you are sure to like it, too!

The Dayanseshui Community is one of the most important producers of black tea at Sun Moon Lake. Following the Sept. 21 earthquake the community recreated itself as an ecological, tea, and pottery tourist village with a pottery classroom, clay refining plant, and traditional wood-fired kiln, as well as a number of homestay facilities each with its special character.

The awesome natural beauty of Sun Moon Lake has led to its renown as “Taiwan's Fairyland” and its status as one of the island's most beloved landmarks. The clear blue water of the lake gives it a picture-postcard quality. Whatever the season, whether dawn or dusk, whether from a boat or a car, or whether viewed from a mountain trail-each gives a different aspect, a different feeling.

The round-the-lake highway links all the major tourist sites and proves a convenient way to experience the lake's beauties to the fullest. Among the must-see places are Lalu Islet, Wunwu Temple, Dehua Village, Syuanzang Temple, Cihen Pagoda, Peacock Garden, and Syuanguang Temple.

Eight nature trails, some paved with wood or stone and each with its own special character, have been developed around the lake. Interpretive signs along the trails give detailed descriptions of the ecology of each location. A stroll along one of these trails offers sights that change suddenly from lush forest to romantic lake,providing a surprise at every turning.

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