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Taomi Ecological Village
Puli field of water oats & The Guangsing Handmade Paper Mill
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Farmers produce an abundance of crops along the Sun Moon Lake Tour Route, thanks to the moderate climate and fine water. These crops include the glutinous litchis of Caotun, the strawberries and plums of Guoshing, the water oats (commonly called “beauty's legs”) and rice vermicelli of Puli, and the mushrooms and orchids of Yuchih. Tourists who travel this tour route love to take these products home as presents for their friends.

The traditional crafts of Puli reflect those on display at the National Taiwan Craft Research Institute. In Puli you can see how those crafts are made, and even try your own hand at them. The Guangsing Handmade Paper Mill carries on the traditional way of making paper by hand, and the Longnan Lacquer Arts Museum is run by the only natural lacquer-ware producer left in Taiwan. The shops along Blacksmith Street continue the ancient ways of making iron implements, and the New Era Art Resort and Spa combines the natural environment with thousands of stone and wood sculptures. The ongoing practice of these crafts, all of which are rare in Taiwan today, gives Puli its rich cultural atmosphere.

Visitors with a love of nature can spend time in the Muh Sheng Museum of Entomology, said to house the largest private collection of insect specimens in the world with more than 100,000 rare butterflies and other insects from different countries. Lotus Pond Research Center is not so well known, but it preserves a subtropical forest ecological system that is used by a research center of the Forestry Research Institute. The area contains numerous rare endemic plant species, and those with a fondness for flora and fauna are sure to find priceless treasures here.
National Chi Nan University is the highest seat of learning in Nantou County, its campus situated on 150 hectares of secluded hilly land. Its buildings are designed to form a harmonious bend with the natural environment and add a touch of elegance to its academic atmosphere. This makes the university well worth a visit.

Travelers with an interest in ecology will not want to miss the Taomi Ecological Village, located beside National Chi Nan University. This was once a classic country village; but the destruction caused by the earthquake of Sept. 21, 1999 brought the local residents to a new way of thinking about the relationship between man and the environment, and encouraged them to build a new village in which human beings, industry, and the environment can exist in harmony. Here you can see how humankind blends in with nature and reveres nature as its teacher.

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