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The National Taiwan Craft Research Institute offers displays of handicraft products in delightful abundance
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Jiujiu Peak

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This is a brilliantly colorful tour route of great variety, with the internationally famous scenery of Sun Moon Lake, the fascinating culture of the Tsou tribe, Taiwan's biggest outdoor museum at the Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village, and its longest suspension bridge Shuangshih Suspension Bridge. The county is also home to the National Taiwan Craft Research Institute, which plays a vital role in the propagation and innovation of traditional handicrafts. In addition, along this route you can view the jiujiu peak, which were cleft like a knife by the earthquake of Sept. 21, 1999, and you can see how people devastated by the earthquake have rebuilt their lives and are gradually realizing their dreams. Among the other places in the route that are well-worth stopping for a visit are the Taomi Ecological Village and Dayanseshui Community.

The National Taiwan Craft Research Institute is the place to enjoy displays of Taiwanese crafts. There is a wide range of items on exhibit in the gallery here, including those made of bamboo, wood, stone, pottery, glass, jewelry, metals, and woven cloth, as well as toys and dolls. The nearby Caosiedun Cultural Tourist Night Market is founded on the concepts of culture, care, and art; and, in addition to the traditional snacks, foods, and special agricultural products, it also features occasional art performances. Tourists who come to this market on Friday or Saturday night can experience a different kind of Nantou romance.

Travel the Provincial Highway 14 from Caotun toward Sun Moon Lake and you will soon come to beautiful scenes of sharp peaks rising beside the road. The Jiujiu Peak, which rise toward the sky like bamboo shoots of jade, are said to actually comprise 99 peaks, as the name implies. These mountains were sliced as if by a knife by the Sept. 21 earthquake; and, with the Wusi River flowing past, they have a striking resemblance to the famed scenery of Guilin in China. The red Shuangshih suspension Bridge spans the river below the mountains, its elegant shape reminding one of a rainbow. After you pass Jiujiu Peak, a checkerboard of strawberry fields welcomes you to the township of Guoshing; here you might consider stopping a while, and enjoying the experience of picking your own strawberries.

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