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Profile of Nantou County

* Kinmen Airport * Taichung Airport CAA Moc. * Chiayi Airport
* Taipei Songshan Airport * Taitung Airport * Taoyuan Airport
* Kaohsiung International Airport * Hualien Airport    
Taiwan Railway
* Taiwan Railway Administration
Taiwan High Speed Railway
* Taiwan High Speed Rail Corporation
Inter Buses
* KUO-KUANG Ttransport Ltd * Fengyuan Bus Ttransport Ltd * Yuan Lin Bus Ttransport Ltd
* Ubus Ttransport Ltd * Chang Hua Bus Ttransport Ltd
* Nantou Bus Ttransport Ltd
* Taichung Bus Ttransport Ltd
* CH Bus Ttransport Ltd * Green Bus Ttransport Ltd
Foreign travelers are advised to dial the Information for Foreigners hotline at 0800-024-111 to request a pick-up by a taxi driver proficient in foreign languages.
* Xue-Chang Taxi Service Center(雪昌計程車行) 049-2222880
  No.1, Nanyang Rd., Nantou City  
* Ri-Yi Taxi Service Center(日益計程車行) 049-2223788
  No.183, Minquan St., Nantou City  
* Qian-Yi Taxi Service Center(千億計程車行) 049-2229966
  No.117, Nangang 1st Rd., Nantou City  
* Yong-Cheng Taxi Service Center(永成計程車) 049-2221368
  No.297, Zhongshan St., Nantou City  
* Cheng-Sheng Taxi Service Center(誠聲計程車行) 049-2231788
  No.20, Aly. 240, Zhongshan St., Nantou City  
* Jiu-Jiu Taxi Service Center(久久計程汽車行) 049-2229229
  No.130, Yujing St., Nantou City, Nantou County 540  
* Nantou Taxi Service Center(南投計程車行) 049-2236123、049-2236123
  No.6, Ln. 549, Zhangnan Rd., Mingjian Township  
* Dong-Guang Taxi Service Center(東光計程車行) 049-2732023
  No.30, Chezhan Rd., Mingjian Township  
* Tian-Yi Taxi Service Center(天一計程車行) 049-2226878
  No.32-3, Xindan Ln., Mingjian Township  
* Guoshing Taxi Service Center(國姓計程車行) 049-2339888
  No.4, Aly. 34, Ln. 17, Zhengyan St., Caotun Township  
* Qi-Tai Taxi Service Center(啟泰計程車行) 049-2313939
  No.795, Zhongzheng Rd., Caotun Township  
* Ru-Yi Taxi Service Center(如意計程車行) 049-2313000
  No.229, Zhongshan St., Caotun Township  
* Lian-Cheng Taxi Service Center(連成計程車行) 049-2642288
  No.64-4, Yunlin Rd., Zhushan Township  
* Da-Dao Taxi Service Center(達道計程車行) 049-2654995
  2F., No.58, Dayong Rd., Zhushan Township  
* Puli Taxi Service Center(埔里計程汽車行) 049-2982307
  No.126, Beihuan Rd., Puli Township  
* Shueili Taxi Service Center(水里計程車服務中心) 049-2774998
  No.56-3, Ln. 7, Minquan Rd., Shuili Township  
Car Rental
* Da Fu Car Rental(大福汽車租賃有限公司) 049-2565079
  No.70-2, Yuping Ln., Caotun Township  
* Tai Cheng Car Rental(泰成小客車租賃有限公司) 049-2362299
  No.11, 1st St., Zhongxing Rd., Nantou City  
* Tai Zi Car Rental(太子小客車租賃有限公司) 049-2640470
  No.560, Sec. 3, Jishan Rd., Zhushan Township  
* Taiwan Center Car Rental(台灣中心小客車租賃有限公司) 0910-986529
  No.91, Ln. 55, Nangang 1st Rd., Nantou City,  
* Lian Tai Car Rental(連泰小客車租賃有限公司) 049-2332751
  No.816, Zhongzheng Rd., Caotun Township  
* Kuo Kuang Car Rental(國光小客車租賃有限公司) 049-2223710
  2F., No.65, Wenchang St., Nantou City  
* Shan Ben Car Rental(山本小客車租賃有限公司) 049-2776867
  No.263, Ln. 5, Minzu St., Shuili Township  
* Shi Xin Car Rental(世新小客車租賃有限公司) 049-2990029
  No.42, Gongcheng Rd., Puli Township  
* Shang Yi Car Rental(上憶小客車租賃股份有限公司) 049-2451216
  No.355, Nangang Rd., Guoxing Township  
* Yi Tai Car Rental(益台小客車租賃有限公司) 049-2224063
  No.145, Nangang 1st Rd., Nantou City  
* Yong He Car Rental(永和小客車租賃汽車行) 049-2984178
  No.180, Zhongxiao Rd., Puli Township  
* IWS Rent A Car(愛維仕小客車租賃有限公司) 049-2357609
  1F., No.43-5, Fencao Rd., Caotun Township  
* Wei Ji Car Rental(微奇小客車租賃有限公司) 049-2861055
  No.952, Sec. 1, Zhangnan Rd., Nantou City  
* Formosa Car Rental(福爾摩沙國際租賃有限公司) 049-2636596
  1F., No.6, Yunlin Xincun, Zhushan Township  
* Yu Shun Car Rental(裕順小客車租賃有限公司) 049-2772940
  No.130-1, Ln. 5, Minzu St., Shuili Township  
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