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Kyoho Grape
text If you drive past Shuili via the New Central Cross Island Highway (Provincial highway no. 21), after crossing the Shengi Bridge, a totally different countryside scenery can be observed from Shengi Mingte Village by following the New Central Cross Island Highway and the Chen You-lan riverside road to Fengchu and Pishih. On both sides of the river bed are the renowned Kyoho Grapes. Currently Shengi Town has 2 varieties of Kyoho Grapes, namely: Yuchu and Neimaopu; these have been awarded the national fruit brand and quality certification by the Council of Agriculture. The fruit of the Fengchu grape is large and dark in color; aromatic and chewy to the taste, and hygienic. The rich flavored grapes are rather appetizing; you cannot stop eating them once the fruity tang touches your taste buds. The locally produced grapes contain a certain ingredient and are able to be stored for a prolonged period of time; it is the perfect, natural supplement for pregnant women.
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