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Sun Moon Lake Black Tea
text The melody of songs reverberates in the lush green hilltops; with a boy singing on the one side and the girl on the other. The sweet romance and words of love drift with the breeze on the flourishing mountain tops. It is the season of harvesting spring tea, in the various tea plantation regions in Nantou County, bustling images of farmers picking and producing tea can be observed. The invigorating aroma of tea permeates the air, as if inviting tourists to come and enjoy a cup of quality tea. Nantou County cultivates mainly the broad leafed black tea variety and is currently named the Sun Moon Lake Black Tea. The syrupy and pure black tea is extremely popular; domestically and abroad, it is also known as the Assam Tea. There are plenty of tea production factories in Nantou County; the production of tea, from picking, wilting, fermenting to baking are all performed in a way to retain the original flavor of the tea.
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