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Beikang River Springs
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Pak-Kong-River Hot Springs is a newly developed hot springs area in Nantou County, its hot springs belongs to the weakly acidic carbonic acid Springs, HP value is about 8.4 near neutral, transparent water, can drink and bathe, it is said that there are many natural treatments. Hot spring area in recent years developed by people the unique cold springs combined into a very characteristic tourist landscape.


Traffic Information:

National Freeway No. 3 National Freeway No. 6 down to Guoxing interchange County Highway No. 14 Beigangxi Hot Springs area


Wilds hunting for hot springs tour - North Harbor Creek

Day 1: Glutinous rice bridge visit Lunch taste the Guoxing coffee Atayal Resort Dinner bathing to relax rest

Day 2: Atayal Resort Skywalk Lunch Knitting DIY Experience Aboriginal Dance Show Dinner Home



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