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Dongpu Springs
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Dongpu is a famous Bunun tribe with hot spring bathing and mountain scenery. The spring water belongs to weak alkaline carbonic acid spring, the pH value is 7.7, the temperature is about 53 degrees, the water quality is clear, the spring water pours out from the valley, emerged naturally from the chimney and gravel layer, presenting a landscape of hot boiling, this area Spa is said to have the skincare Beauty treatment.


Traffic Information:

National Freeway No. 3 down to Mingjian Interchange Turn left to County Highway No.3 (toward Mingjian, Jiji direction) connect County Highway No.16 Jiji Shuili County Highway No. 21 Xinyi Tongfu (County Highway No. 21 at 102Km position) turn left to No. 60 Expressway Dongpu Hot Spring Area


Wilds hunting for hot springs tour - Dongpu

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