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Puli Springs
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Puli, due to the excellent climate and clear water, is the important flower industry town in Nantou County. This area belongs to the high-quality hot springs area with plenty of water, industry owners in this region carefully planned to develop leisure and recreation facilities, is to let people during spare time after busy work, enjoy the best hot spring bathing to relax their minds and cleanse their sprits, also can be the best vacation fun place for family travel.


Traffic Information:

National Freeway No. 3National Freeway No. 6 → Down to Puli End Li Yu Lake


Wilds hunting for hot springs tour – Puli

Day 1: Puli Winery visit Visit at Paper Church Lunch Guangxing Paper Mill guiding tour DIY experience in Guangxing Paper Mill King Garden of SALICO FOODS(Nougat) Dinner Bathing to relax rest

Day 2: visit the West Lake/ Li Yu Lake →Feeling 18 Hand Made Chocolate shop→ Lunch → Sun Moon Lake cycling → visit Sun-Moon-Lake Antique Assam tea farm → Dinner → home


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