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Ping Seto Glass Suspension Bridge Hiking
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AddressNo. 47 Yushan Road, Mingde Village, Xinyi Township
Opening Hours8:00 AM- 17:00 PM
ToldescribeThe total length of the main bridge is 88 meters (glass-bottomed bridge covers 54 meters), the ropes are painted colorfully ad the fence are decorated with the totems of grapes and Tung Blossoms vividly. The bridge is 50 meters from the valley, for the maintenance and safety issues, the maximum capacity of the bridge is 1200 kg, about 15 people.
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ToldescribeThe bridge is above the Aiguo Village of Pinglai River in Xin Yi Township, which is the first transparent glass suspension bridge in Nantou, which is shining as lazurite, leaving unforgettable memories for the people. The trails near the park is very narrow, to prevent traffic jams, there will be traffic control at the important intersections, the visitor should be aware of the weather and traffic condition when visiting.
Hiking trail route: Wu Guang Liang Old Trail Entrance→ Forest in the Wind →Plum Forest → San’s Tree → hundred years old mango tree→ stone face rock→ Swallow Cliff→ Huotong → Ping Seto Glass Suspension Bridge →Flying Rock→ The temple of Earth God→ back to glass bridge and walk down
→through Pinglai Bridge→ Green Avenue → Wu Guang Liang Old Trail Entrance, total of 6 km, about 2 hours.
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Photo Glass-bottomed bridge
Glass-bottomed bridge
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