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Ruilong Waterfall
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AddressNantou County Zhushan Town Pingdingli Ruilong Waterfall
Opening HoursNo limitations
ToldescribePass through the Ruilong Drawbridge that’s 215 meters long, closely look up to the rich Ruilong Waterfall coming from 30 meters high, the landscape trails and platform were built with nature method of construction, which will be open before the end of 2017.
Travelling InfoNational Highway No. 3 Southbound (turn right on Zhushan Interchange)→ Provincial Road No. 3 (Jishan Rd- Daming Rd)→(turn left on Jhushan Visitor Center ) Ziqiang Rd →(turn right) Linan Rd → before Rueising Bridge (turn left) →Shan Ping Ding Parking Lot→20 min walk→ Ruilong Waterfall
ToldescribeJust like the movie “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon,” you can feel the peace, fresh, and relxing mind without going deep in the mountain, it’s located at Pingding in Zhushan Township along the Jia-Zou-Liao River, which is 15 km from center of the town, and the upstream is the Taiji Gorge. From the parking lot to Ruilong Drawbridge is 500 meters, then from Ruilong Drawbridge to Ruilong Waterfall is 500 meters; from the observatory you can see the beautiful scenery of the entire waterfall, if you walk forward behind the palisades, you are only a few meters away from the waterfall.
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Address :No.660 , Jhongsing Rd., Nantou City, Nantou County 54001, Taiwan (R.O.C)
TEL:886-49-2222106 ext:406
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