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Lotus Forest
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AddressNo. 3-3, Xishan Road, Zhushan Township, Nantou County
Opening HoursOpen all day, do not visit at night, it’s recommended to take shuttle bus from the spots mentioned above, or it takes 30~40 min by foot
ToldescribeA secretive original forest located at elevation of 2000 altitudes above sea level, with the reflection of the trees on the water surface, the blue sky and white clouds are so enthralling.
Travelling InfoThere are two ways to get to Lotus Forest, one is driving and parking at the mountain foot (Ren Yuan Tea Factory) , then walk up slowly (suitable for people who hikes regularly or is willing to take challenges)
Another way is to take the shuttle bus (please contact the cooperated stores).
Lotus Forest is located at elevation of 2000 meters above sea level, there is only a small industrial road up the mountain, with steep slopes, narrow roads, and curves, only four-wheel drive and accommodate, so don’t try with regular compact cars!
ToldescribeThe China fir stands tall with its reflection on the water surface, and the high mountains are surrounded by the clouds and mists, this forest was originally belonged to Forestry Bureau for forestation.
A high mountain bog formed in the aftermath of the catastrophic 921 earthquake when a landslide altered drainage patterns, forming a small lake and drowning part of the existing forest. At an elevation of 1,600 meters, it is often shrouded in thick fog, imbuing it with an eerie mystique, so people call it “Lotus Forest” Because the root of China fir were immersed for years, causing it to wilt and turn white, and the tourist see this special feature as an tourist attraction, adding a different sense of beauty and sorrow. Located 2 km in front of Sun-Link-Sea Forest and Nature Resort, and there’s a bus stop here, then you can walk up through industrial road for about 30 minutes, or take the shuttle bus.
Photo Liu, Jia-Zhong - Lotus Forest- A journey of lotus
Liu, Jia-Zhong - Lotus Forest- A journey of lotus
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