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Checheng Railway Station
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AddressNantou County Shuili Township Chezhan Station
Opening Hours08:00~18:00
ToldescribeChecheng Railway Station was built during the Japanese occupation era, it’s the terminal stop of the Jiji Line. With a total length of 29.7 km, it is the longest line among them. Get on from Er Shuei Station and enjoy the beautiful scenery on the way, after going through the 5th tunnel that is dark, what appears is the blue sky and flourished green forests, like entering into a Shangri-La, thus gaining the name of “secret garden.”
Travelling Info1. National Highway No. 1:Wang Tian Interchange→(Provincial Road No. 14)→ Fen Yuan(Provincial Road No. 14 Yi)→ Nantou(Provincial Road No. 3)→ Ming Jian (Provincial Road No. 16)→ Jiji→ Shueili ( County Road No. 131)→ Checheng
2. National Highway No. 3:Jhu Shan or Ming Jian Interchange (along Jhuoshuei River and connect to Provincial Road No. 16)→ Jiji(Provincial Road No. 14)→ Shueili → Checheng
3. By Train:From Taijhong or Er Shuei, take train to Jiji, Shueili and get off at Checheng Station
ToldescribeChecheng is located in below the Mingtan Reservoir in Shueli Village of Nantou. To transport the sugar produced by Puli sugar factory during the Japanese era, the railway line was built in 1916 connecting Puli to Checheng. Later to accommodate the building of hydroelectric power plant at Sun Moon Lake (Daguan Power Station), the line was broadened from Checheng to Ershuei station and integrated into the western line, which was completed in 1922 and became the Jiji Line today. Many of the construction engineers and workers, along with the freight and passenger transport, brought a period of prosperity to the town. Since Checheng has flat terrain and vast hinterland, all the sugars going out from Puli were all assembled and transported at Checheng, and there were often over hundreds of roadsters parked here, thus people used the Taiwanese of “parking lot” to name the place as “Checheng.” Until 1937 when the hydroelectric power plant was finished and the workers left the town, the rustic little village of Checheng was back to its original quietness.

Checheng is the terminal station of Jiji Line, which is also a little village near hydroelectric power plant. There are Daguan Power No.1 Station, Daguan Power No.2 Station, Mingtan Power Station, Shueili Power Station, and Jugong Power Station along the Shueili River. Its high density is rare in Taiwan, thus Checheng and hydroelectric power are inseparable. Besides, Checheng also has a vast glorious history in the development of the timber industry.

The Checheng today was renovated by Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area Administration after the 921 Earthquake on September 21st, and the space in front of the station is also made by logs which is a very distinguishing feature. Checheng is striving to develop the tourism currently, planning to use railways, power stations, timber, and winery industries as the main attractions to recreate the prosperity from the past.
Nantou County Government Logo
Address :No.660 , Jhongsing Rd., Nantou City, Nantou County 54001, Taiwan (R.O.C)
TEL:886-49-2222106 ext:406
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