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Shuili Snakekiln Ceramics Cultural Park
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AddressNo. 21, Lane 512, Section 1, Shuixin Road, Dingshuo Village,
Opening Hours8:00am-5:30pm (Closed on Wednesday) Regular opening hours on Wednesdays during winter and summer break, as well as National Holidays.
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ToldescribeShuili Snakekiln was built in 1927. Nantou ceramic artist master Jiang Song Lin , the founder, thought that Shuili was a collecting and distributing center, with rich fuel materials and great clay quality, which was ideal for pottery making, thus started pottery making till today. Shuili Snake Kiln is the oldest and most original wood-fired kiln in Taiwan, which was more than hundred feet, with woods as the fuel.

1. Culture Museum: display of old pottery tools and ancestral pottery article for daily use.
2. Ceramics Classroom: it can provide up to 500 people for pottery making at same time, with 20 potter’s wheel.
3.Multimedia Room: occupancy is 120 people and 80 people, playing documentaries of Shuili Snakekiln from time to time, to introduce the background of Shuili Snakekiln and process of pottery making.
Ticket InfoRegular Ticket, Discount Ticket, Seniors Ticket
Individual NT$150 NT$120 NT$75
Group NT$120 NT$100 NT$75
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