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Sun Moon Lake
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AddressNo.599, Zhongshan Road, Yuchi Township, Nantou County
Opening HoursUnlimited
ToldescribeSun Moon Lake is a well-known natural lake of Taiwan, with the elevation of 760 meters above sea level, surrounded by the grand mountains all around; the scenery of lake and mountain is just like a painting. The lake has various fishes which are very delicious, and the beauty of the lake is even too numerous to mention, with different views from day to night, it’s the largest inland lake in the country. Sun Moon Lake has a long history of fame, however, the real turning point was the establishment of the National Scenic Area Administration after the 921 Earthquake in 2000.
First phase of the mission was “reconstruction after the disaster,” which made the exquisite elegance of Sun Moon Lake reappear.
Second phase of the mission was the preparation for “opening to Mainland China visitors,” including the renovation of pier, construction of the visitor center, etc. The strong foundation also took effect in corporation with the opening of National Highway No. 6 and Sun Moon Lake Ropeway, which enhanced the number of visitors, reaching 1.4 million people per year at beginning of its establishment, and reaching an annual peak of 8 million people in 2011.
The third phase of the mission was the expansion of Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area, which doubled from 9 thousand hectares to 1.8 thousand hectares, bringing in some villages in Puli, Jiji, and Xinyi. The focus at the moment was to pursue the sustainable development of Sun Moon Lake with the “low-carbon smart tourism.”
Photo bicycle lane
bicycle lane
Lake scenery
Lake scenery
Lake scenery
Lake scenery
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