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Taomi Eco-village
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AddressNo. 37, Taomi Lane, Taomi, Puli Township, Nantou County
Opening HoursNo limitations, there’s additional firefly and frog appreciation activities.
ToldescribeCome here~ you can appreciate the butterflies and dragonflies in the daytime, find frogs and fireflies at night, it’s amazing to stay here, and the church made by paper is a must visit.
Travelling InfoNational Highway No. 3 → National Highway No. 6 → Puli Ai lan Interchange → Provincial Highway No. 14 → Provincial Highway No. 21 and turn right at 51 km51, arriving to Taomi Lane.
Toldescribe“The original water field was reconstructed, in the daytime, it’s the secret spot where the dragonflies gather and practice their flying skills; at night, it’s where the noisy frogs host their music concert. Zhonglukeng Wetland give you different taste of day and night.
Taomi Nature Preservation and Ecotourism Association, service line 0937-758-176, located at 5 km southwest of Puli Township, it’s a village spot on Provincial Highway No. 21, with area of 18 m², with elevation around 420-850 meters above sea level, with 80% being the hills, which is rarely developed, thus the forest is rich with breeds of diverse species.
Photo Frog carrying rice
Frog carrying rice
Tree frog pavilion
Tree frog pavilion
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Address :No.660 , Jhongsing Rd., Nantou City, Nantou County 54001, Taiwan (R.O.C)
TEL:886-49-2222106 ext:406
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